Evolution finds a way: resistance to antibiotic of last resort

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In the original Jurassic Park movie, Jeff Goldblum’s character, mathematician Ian Malcolm, became known for the phrase: “life finds a way“, referring to the chaotic behaviour of even the most simple systems.  Indeed, the entire movie becomes an exercise in unpacking the meaning of that statement when applied to reviving an entire ecosystem of dinosaurs.  The increasing resistance of pathogens to antibiotics over the last few decades, could be considered a real-world case of evolution finding a way.  It is also a good example of why evolution isn’t just about events of the dim, distant past, but very much the here and now.  I’m often puzzled that the word “evolution” isn’t used more often when describing this significant threat to global public health: a quick Google search shows approximately 11,000 mentions of the phrase “developing antibiotic resistance“, compared with only about 1,800 for “evolving…

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